Collaboration: Lukas Göthman

Bric-a-brac have during the years had different exhibitions and collaborations with artists and designers in our vicinity. We now have the pleasure to present a limited collection that we have created together with artist Lukas Göthman. We have had the opportunity to work freely with some of Lukas’ text based paintings. With these beautiful pictures we have created a printed fabric for some unique garments.

The collection is made in Lithuania with an exclusive silk crepe fabric that is produced and printed in Italy. The collection consists of a dress, tunic, long fringed scarf and a men’s shirt – all in a poetic all covering text print against a blue background.

We have also created a square silk scarf with Lukas’ painting “endless”. It comes in two colours – copper and turquoise grey. These scarfs are numbered and signed in a limited edition of 100 copies. Delivered in an exclusive handmade packaging.

Lukas Göthman

Lukas Göthman (1970, lives and works in Stockholm)

A linguistic interest is very apparent in Lukas Göthman’s art which often takes the form of monochrome painting in which he examines various emotional states or perceptions. Brief texts or words that are sometimes almost illegible are repeated while language and painting are woven together. He can paint using thick impasto layers on the canvas which, in its visual simplicity, provides a background for the letters as when writing in the sand. His palette can be bold, sweet or dampened. He also works with more process-oriented series in which he establishes certain criteria or limitations for his work as, for example, that all the brushstrokes in a painting must maintain the same direction. He can also produce a series of paintings of different geographical locations so that the images come to form a sort of diary or journal.

The chosen limitations form an incentive to intensify and clarify the creative process. When he uses watercolours the paintings produce a sort of instantaneous or spontaneous sensation in which the flow finds its own path across the paper. He explains: “All my art starts from a sort of existential journey in which places and memories are important to me”. His works carry a powerful element of poetry in which being in the creative process is important.


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